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If you have any questions on any court related issue, please feel free to contact Detective Craig Bayer



Probable Cause and Motor Vehicle Hearings are held every other Friday afternoon, at 2:00 PM. They are usually done in the Second Session Court Room, and are conducted by a Clerk Magistrate. 

Q: If I get a ticket, what should I do?

A: You should either pay the fine, or appeal the citation as directed on the back of your copy. 

Q: What happens if I appeal the ticket, but don't show up to the hearing?

A: If you don't show up, and you fail to notify the Clerk's Office or the Truro Police prosecutor, you will be liable for the full amount of the citation. 

Q: I can't make the hearing, can I move the date? 

A: Yes, but generally, the Court will only honor this request one time. 

Q: What are the hearings like?

A: Generally, they are done informally. Sometimes, they are done in an office, apart from the group, however, generally, they are conducted in an open Court Room. The Clerk Magistrate explains everything, so you need not worry about not having gone to law school. 

Q: I was found responsible for a motor vehicle violation at a hearing? Can I appeal this, and what happens?

A: Yes, you may appeal any Clerk Magistrates ruling on a motor vehicle violation. The Commonwealth also has the right of appeal. An appeal takes place in front of the presiding Judge on the day the police and you select for that appeal. At this time. the officer who issued the citation must be there to testify. This is ONLY TRUE AT THE APPEAL STAGE.